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Welcome to our NetTeller Online Banking Service!

Applying is simple and easy!

netteller online banking application

Our Business NetTeller and Bill Pay Application is unavailable via this site. Please contact the Bank at either office and we would be glad to place one in the mail to you or e-mail you the application. Land O’ Lakes Main Office 715-547-3383 or Presque Isle Branch 715-686-2200.

netteller Q&A

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Headwaters State Bank NetTeller Online Banking. If after checking out the FAQ’s you still cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to call us at 715-547-3383 or e-mail using the Contact Us form on the About Us page of this Website.

What is Headwaters State Bank (HSB) NetTeller Online Banking?
HSB NetTeller Online Banking Service gives you immediate access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the convenience of your home or office.

What can I do to protect my account and personal information while I'm banking online with NetTeller?

  • Do not share your Login information with anyone.
  • If you need to save your ID and Password, be sure to keep them in separate secure places.
  • Use the Log Out option after each online session; do not back arrow out or X out.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended while logged on to Online Banking. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, and some other browsers may save your ID and password automatically. This is not recommended. If you do not want this information saved, disable this option.
  • For your protection you will be required to change your password every 360 days.

How much does NetTeller cost?
At this time the service is offered free of charge to customers of Headwaters State Bank.

What do I need to get started using HSB Online?
Download the application off of the Website, print, and fill it out. Mail to or drop off at either HSB office. Once your information has been reviewed and approved, you will receive information in the mail on how to proceed.

How do I know if I have a compatible Browser?
Click on the link provided for help determining if you have a compatible Browser. http://info.netteller.com/go/supported-browsers/

What is 128-bit encryption?
There are basically two types of encryption: “Standard” and “High”. The difference between these types of encryption is the strength of cipher. A “High” (128-bit) encryption is exponentially more powerful than a “Standard” (40 or 56-bit) encryption. “High” or 128-bit encryption means there are septillion possible keys that could fit into the locks that hold your account information, but only one that works for each time you bank online. HSB uses the highest level of encryption (128-bit) to ensure your online transmissions are secure.

What are cookies?
Cookies are a secure way for us to keep track of your Online Banking session and must be enabled for your Online Banking session to function properly. They are valid for one session only and each time you log on, you receive a new set of cookies.

How do I know if I have cookies enabled?
For IE 6.0+ go to any browser page, click on Tools - Internet Options – the Privacy tab then the Default button. You can also manually slide the bar down to Medium under Settings. Click OK or Apply. Click on the following link for additional browser versions: http://www.google.com/cookies.html

What is my NetTeller ID (NTID)?
This is the twelve-digit number received in the mail, along with an instruction sheet from HSB. At the login page this will be referred to as user ID.

When I attempt to login to HSB Online Banking I receive the message “Invalid User ID or Password”.
Verify that you are entering the correct characters for your User ID and/or Password. You may need to call the Bank for assistance.

How do I change my NTID?
You may change it when you are required to change the four digit PIN to a Password. You may also change it any time, on the Personal Options page after you have successfully logged in.

What if I forget my NTID?
The Bank will be able to tell you the 12 digit ID number or Alias if you had created one.

Why do I need to change the PIN number to a Password?
The 4 digit PIN issued to you is a system-generated number and for security purposes you will be required to change that to a 9-13 digit password.  Your new password must be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.  The password expires every 360 days and the system will remember the 4 previous passwords.

What if I forget my password?
Use the Reset Password option available at the login page. This function must have been already enabled on the Options page.

What is the Reset Password option?
The Reset Password option is a function located on the login page, it will allow you to create a new password should you forget your current one or become locked out.

How do I use the Reset Password option?
If this function has been enabled on the Options page, Log on with your ID and click Reset Password. Complete the following pages as directed.

How do I enable the Reset Password option?
Once you have successfully logged in to NetTeller, click on the Options Tab, located to the right of the NetTeller Tab. Complete the Reset Password Question and Answer sections on the Options page, then click Submit at the bottom of the page. This will enable the Reset Password function and allow you to change your password at the login page.

What is the Reset Password Question and Answer section on the Options page?
The Reset Password Question is a question created by you. This should be something only you would know the answer to. The Reset Password Answer is the answer to the question you created. This will be used to verify you when you need to use the Reset Password option.

How will I know if I have locked myself out?
You will need to check your e-mail. After 3 invalid login attempts, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that you have become locked out. You may then try the Reset Password option or call the Bank for assistance.

Can I “unlock” myself?
You may unlock yourself IF you have enabled the Reset Password option.

What types of accounts can I transfer to and from?
You may transfer between accounts at Headwaters State Bank only. Such as transfers between checking and savings accounts and make loan payments from a checking or savings.

When will my transfer take place?
Transfers completed before 3:00 p.m. CST, will post to your account the same day the transfer is initiated. Transfers done after 3:00 p.m. CST may not post until the following business day. Transfers scheduled to take place on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday will post on the prior business day.

Can I schedule recurring transfers?
Yes. Any transfers scheduled to occur on a weekend day will post on the prior business day. A transfer scheduled to occur Monday thru Friday during regular business hours will post that same business day.

What happens if I open another account after I start using HSB Online Banking?
Notify a Bank Representative that you would like to have the new account linked to your NTID.

What if I have questions or need to talk to the bank?
You may call, write or fax. You may e-mail us using the secure “Contact us” link on our website or use the secure message center located within your NetTeller login.

Why do my accounts show a dormant status?
The dormant status is caused by the inactivity of the account. Contact the Bank for further assistance.

Can I place a stop payment on a check?
Yes, you may place a stop payment on a single check. Please fill in all required fields to ensure the correct check is stopped. An electronically converted check may still post. Contact the Bank if you have questions or need assistance. If you have had your checkbook lost or stolen, PLEASE contact the Bank immediately!

Is there a charge for a stop payment?
There is a service charge for a stop payment placed. Your account will automatically be debited for this charge. A current list of Bank Service Charges may be found on this website by clicking here.

New info as of May 2, 2011

What is My NetTeller?
My NetTeller is a fun new way to view your online banking options and personalize your start page. My NetTeller completes your transfers quicker and allows at-a-glance displays.

What is a Widget?
Widgets are specific "boxes" of your online banking options, such as: account balances, transfers, downloads, statements, etc.

How do I use My NetTeller?
The "configure this page" option will allow you to move the widgets (boxes) around to where you want and then save them. The center of the page widgets are set as a default, you will not be able to move those. You can remove these boxes from appearing on this page by "X" on the box. The "set as start page" option will save your beginning page to always show the widgets (boxes).

Configure: Click to access a lightbox window that allows the user to configure the widget. For example, clicking Configure in the "Recent Transactions" widget shows a list of accounts the user can display within the widget.
Go: Click to jump to the traditional screen relating to the data contained in the widget. For example, clicking Go in the "Recent Transactions" widget takes the user to Transactions option.
Remove: Click to immediately remove the widget from the My NetTeller. The user can always re-add the widget under the Configure This Page link.

Once I change my start page, can I change it back?
You will always be able to return to the original format. You cannot hurt anything by trying this out.


2023 Maintenance Schedule

Scheduled monthly maintenance windows are performed from 2:00 a.m. ET through 6:00 a.m. ET unless indicated otherwise.

Sunday, January 15
Sunday, February 26
Saturday-Sunday, March 4-5 (11 p.m. ET to 5 a.m. ET)
Sunday, April 23
Sunday, May 28
Sunday, June 25
Sunday, July 23
Sunday, August 27
Sunday, September 24
Sunday, October 22
Sunday, November 12
Sunday, December 10

If you are unsure that your online banking difficulties are caused by a maintenance activity please contact Headwaters State Bank for assistance.

Brella Safeguard Your Debit Card
DEBIT CARD INFO: During non-banking hours contact 1-800-383-8000 for lost card or 1-866-508-2693 for fraud.

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